Prayer Walking

I was recently reintroduced to the concept of prayer walking. I had heard of it before, but didn’t really understand what it entailed. After a quick google search, it turns out that there are many methods of prayer walking, so you can choose the type of prayer that you need in your life right now.

Prayer walking

So what is prayer walking?

Essentially it is praying and walking at the same time. One of the most prominent ways to prayer walk is to walk around your neighborhood, or walk a circle around a significant location (like a school, hospital, or church) and pray for the people inside and the people you see while walking. But really, you could pray for anything as you walk. Here are some prayer walking examples:

– As you walk through your neighborhood, pray for the people living in each house as you walk by, as well as any people you encounter while walking (other walkers, lawn care people, people taking their dog out, kids playing, etc).

– Spend your prayer walk only thanking God for the abundant blessings in your life.

– Use your prayer walk to pray for family and friends individually.

– Reflect on your sins during a prayer walk and ask for God’s forgiveness for each sin.

– Allow your walk to guide your prayers. For example, if you see someone while you’re walking, then pray for them. Then if you see some beautiful flowers, thank God for his beautiful creation. Then if you see an American flag, you may pray for our country and president. Let what you see during your walk guide your prayers.

– If you are Catholic, pray a rosary.

– Go to your child’s school and either walk around the school (if possible), or walk on the street that the school is on and pray for all of the teachers and students inside the building.

– You may occasionally take your children with you on a prayer walk. Pray out loud and model prayer for you child. Also, allow your child to contribute prayers during the prayer walk.

– Work on memorizing scripture as you walk.

These options are just starting points! Get creative about the prayers you pray during your prayer walk.

Why should you go on Prayer Walks?

Walking around your neighborhood or a significant location while you pray really helps to keep you focused on your prayer intentions. Also, you are getting some exercise and quiet time (if you go by yourself) which are both help to reduce stress and be more at peace while you pray! I started prayer walking for two reasons: to increase my prayer time and to get more exercise. I typically just walk a mile each day while I pray. Before I started prayer walking, it was a struggle to make myself go outside for a walk- it was just kind of boring to me. But when I started prayer walking, I found that the walk goes by quickly when I am focused on praying, and I find myself eager to go for my prayer walks since the prayer time brought me such peace and joy as I started my day. It feels good to pray for others (both people I know and don’t know) and to pray for people that I typically would not have prayed for, like the lawn guy or a neighbor I don’t know, if I had done my prayer time inside.

I encourage you to get out and prayer walk. You will benefit both spiritually and physically!

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