Wrapping up Matthew

Whew! We made it through 22 weeks of Matthew! Did you enjoy going through this gospel slowly and really meditating on each passage of scripture and applying it to your life? If you kept a journal of your thoughts during this Bible study, you may go back and look at how you grew during this study, and possibly see how God answered some of your prayers.

In a couple of weeks we will start the Gospel of Mark. I will do the Bible studies in the same format- small passages of scripture with a reflection question and a prayer. I do plan to slightly change the format of the prayer though. Instead of giving you a specific prayer to pray like I did with the Matthew study, I will instead give you a general point to pray about (I used this format with the last week (week 22) of the Matthew study). I think this format lends itself to more authentic prayer and will allow you to better connect with God through prayer.

I am also open to feedback regarding the Bible Study printables and Bible verse cards. What did you like? What did you not like? What could I do to make them better? Please leave your response in the comments.

I hope these Bible studies and Bible verse cards have been beneficial to you! I’m looking forward to starting our new study on Mark in a few weeks!

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