About the Author

Hi! I’m Rachel and I am a 20-something year old wife to my wonderful husband of 2 years. I work in the school system by day and I love crafting and baking on the weekends. I enjoying doing Bible studies and reading devotionals, but I always felt that I spent too much time reading others’ “connections” to scripture and didn’t spend enough time connecting scripture to my own life. So, I began reading the New Testament using a study Bible and my understanding of the scriptures and prayer life changed dramatically. I began to use what I read in scripture as a starting point for prayer. As I developed reflection questions to help myself focus on the meaning of the scripture passages and as a springboard for my prayers, I felt the Lord prompting me to share my reflection questions with others. It is my prayer that others may benefit spiritually from the Bible study printables I created and as a result, draw closer to the Lord.

About the Bible Study

The Bible study printables provided are to be used to help encourage prayer and meditation on short passages of Scripture. This study is not a Bible-in-a-year program. In contrast, only one short passage of scripture is read per day in order to allow you to soak in and meditate on that passage. This study is for those who struggle to find time to study the word and spend time in prayer with the Lord, but it is also for those who may have already read the Bible in a year or completed various Bible studies, but want to delve deeper into Scripture and allow God to speak to them through Scripture.

The Bible study printables provide a reflection question for each passage to help you apply the passage to your life. A short prayer is also included to act as a starting point for conversation with God.

How much time will this study take each day? It depends on the person. For someone who is wanting to start reading the Bible and spending time with the Lord on a consistent basis, you may only commit to spend 5 minutes each day in the word and in prayer and then increase that time as you become more comfortable in prayer and reflection. For those that already spend daily time in the word and in prayer, you may spend 10-30 minutes (or more!) reading the passage, reflecting, and in prayer. The goal of this study is to help you spend time in the word and in prayer each day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes.

This method of studying the Bible may not be for everyone. Some people are better able to apply the scripture to their lives after reading a devotional or Bible study, and that’s okay. I personally find that going straight to the Word and allowing the Lord to speak to me through Scripture has been most beneficial for my spiritual life.

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