Bible Study Printables

The Bible study printables provided are to be used to help encourage prayer and meditation on short passages of Scripture. This study is not a Bible-in-a-year program. In contrast, only one short passage of scripture is read per day in order to allow you to soak in and meditate on that passage. This study is for those who struggle to find time to study the word and spend time in prayer with the Lord, but it is also for those who may have already read the Bible in a year or completed various Bible studies, but want to delve deeper into Scripture and allow God to speak to them through Scripture.

The Bible study printables provide a reflection question for each passage to help you apply the passage to your life. A short prayer is also included to act as a starting point for conversation with God.

Get Creative!

There are so many ways you can use these printables!

– Print and keep all of the printables in a binder

– Cut the printable up into Bible study cards and keep on a binder ring

– Cut the printable up into Bible study cards and glue a card each day into a journal. You can use the journal to record your answers to the questions, write down any thoughts you have about the scripture reading, and/or write down your prayer for the day.

– Use this printable to guide a family Bible study

I hope you enjoy using this printable to study scripture and improve your prayer life!

Click the links below to access FREE Bible study printables.


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