Are all of your printable resources free?

Yes! You can download any/all the printables at no charge.

Can I start this Bible study now, or do I need to wait until you start a new study?

You can start studying at any time! Just print the Bible study printables and you are ready to start!

When will you post a new Bible study printable?

I post a new Bible study printable every Saturday, and I post a new Bible verse card every Sunday that coincides with the readings for the week.

Why are there only 6 days of Bible study prompts per week instead of 7? Aren’t there 7 days in a week? 

There are only 6 days of Bible study prompts per week to allow you to use Sunday as a day of reflection or a catch up day. Even those with the best of intentions may fall behind a day or two due to unforeseen circumstances, so having a catch up day built in helps you to stay on track with your Bible study. Even if you have kept up with your Bible study all week, it is nice to spend time in prayer with the Lord reflecting on your week, or reflecting on a scripture passage that you read this week that you feel you need to spend more time with.

I want to make reading the Bible and praying part of my daily routine. How do I start?

As a pastor once told me, start by spending 5 minutes each day with the Lord, no matter what. Set your watch or phone for 5 minutes and spend time with Scripture and pray during that time. Also, attach prayer time to another task that you do daily. For example, have daily prayer time before you eat breakfast, or right after you brush your teeth in the evening. By attaching your prayer time to a daily task, you are reminded that you need to complete your prayer time when you go to do the daily task and it helps give you some routine, so that daily prayer time and scripture study become a habit. As you become more comfortable with daily prayer time, increase your time by a minute or two and soon won’t even need to set an alarm!

Which study Bible do you use?

I use the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament (RSV). I highly recommend it!

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