Bible Study Printable: Matthew Week 13

Each week I post a Bible study printable that includes short scripture readings, reflection questions, and a short prayer for each day of the week. See this post for various ways you can use this printable. 

Here is this week’s printable!

Week 13 Bible study

You can download the printable here: Bible Study Printable: Bible Study Printable: Matthew Week 13

There is a black and white version of the printable included in the download file for those of you who would like to save ink 🙂

Have a wonderful week!

One thought on “Bible Study Printable: Matthew Week 13

  1. Your work is amazing. I am trying to help an elderly lady who teaches middle age children Sunday School. This lady does not have a computer and limited funds. These cards will certainly help. They are simple but complete. I pray the Lord will bless you for creating such wonderful study materials.

    Thank you,


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